A Genuinely Great Idea

A Genuinely Great Idea

Once in a while we come across a genuinely great idea whose time has come – and that is exactly what the Green PolkaDot Box is.

The Green PolkaDot Box is an exciting online membership club where you can have
non-GMO and organic foods and products delivered to your door, for less than the price at retail stores!

For the past decade, Rick and I have lived in rural or small town Oregon.  This equates to slim pickings for nutrition-savvy individuals.  We have one small health food store, as does our neighboring town.  Due to their small spaces, they can only offer so much, and charge and arm and a leg for what they do carry.

Along comes the GPDB with their diverse inventory, and we no longer have to worry that our local store offers no organic dog food for our “babies”.  Or that we will have to pay dearly for our own healthy foods from the local Shop ‘n’ Gouge.

Because they are relatively new and still growing, their inventory is not yet what it will be, but it is steadily expanding.  And what they offer is the top quality foods, spices, cleaning products and supplies that we choose to use.

There is a flat-rate delivery fee that is waived for orders over $150 (not including a special rate for frozen and refrigerated items).
So, we just order a minimum of $150 and get delivery for free!
No driving.  No lugging from the store to the car and the car to the house in all kinds of weather.
And their delivery system has a lower carbon footprint than does your neighborhood store that you drive to.
Think about it.
Healthy organic and non-GMO foods and products, delivered to your door for LESS than you can go out and purchase locally.
Healthier for us, the environment, our wallet.
It’s win-win-win all around. My favorite scenario.


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