About Christina

About Christina

Christina is Peter Pan trapped in a the body of a 60-something year old woman. She’s the one in the parking lot who gets a running start with the grocery cart and then jumps on for a quick ride.

She likes to laugh till she cries or can’t catch her breath.

Christina has started to write her biography many times but, as she says, “The ending keeps changing.” Besides, she didn’t intend to write a comedy.

She acted as an extra in a few movies including “Tombstone” and “Lightening Jack”, dabbled in clowning and melodrama, and was a cast member of The Sing Out Musical, Up With People!

Christina’s written and photographic works have appeared in books and periodicals such as: Nexus Guide for Holistic Living;  Body, Mind and Spirit;  Reader’s Digest;  The National Enquirer;  Priceless Treasures;  Angels and more.

Christina is a Certified Firewalking Instructor. For over 25 years she has helped people learn to overcome fear and limiting beliefs. She leads seminars in which students take quantum leaps toward reaching their goals and living consciously.
She is a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and former Certified QT Instructor.