About Rick

About Rick

Rick loves people from all walks of life. He often strikes up conversations with perfect strangers (and a few who are less than perfect.) He’s at ease chatting with intellectuals and simpler folk alike, any age or gender, always eager to hear their story.

At home in nature, he grew up in the spectacular beauty of Sitka, Alaska . . boating, fishing, exploring and reveling in her bays and islands.

A series of cherished memories began on one of his solo ocean fishing trips when he was about fourteen years old. A lone male orca, larger than Rick’s 20-foot skiff, surfaced right along side his boat. The initial terror that clutched at him, knowing that with one swipe of it’s mighty tail, Rick and his craft could be smashed, soon gave way to awe as Rick looked into the huge, reassuring blue-black eye gazing at him. Rick totally sensed the orca’s benign, gentle spirit and intelligence and knew he had nothing to fear. The two silently communicated for over an hour before the behemoth submerged into the watery realm.

The orca visited Rick every fishing trip for the rest of that summer and into the following one. Surfacing, greeting, communing for five or ten minutes and then disappearing until the next time. A unique and special bond was formed and although the orca never returned after that second summer, he will remain an integral part of Rick forever.

Rick is a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and a former Certified QT Instructor.

He has also developed several of his own effective energy healing techniques.