The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

Do you want to be healthier and live longer?

Want to live a richer, more enjoyable life?

Numerous studies from places like Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic show that volunteering isn’t just about donating your time, energy and services.


Some of the benefits you can expect from volunteering:

Lessens chronic pain
Combats depression
Kindles happiness
Decreases heart disease
Lengthens life span

Increases physical stamina
Strengthens ties to community
Gives you sense of achievement
Reduces tension
Increases self confidence
Provides a break from day-to-day routine
Inspires others – it’s great role model for children
Adds balance to life
Makes life more meaningful
Can improve salary
Increases mental acuity
Maximizes your potential
Enhances and/or adds to skills
Decreases likelihood of developing high blood pressure

But wait – there’s more!

Besides making a positive impact on your physical, mental and spiritual health and well being, if you are new to an area, volunteering is a great way to meet people and foster new friendships.

If you are in the market for a job or considering a career change, it increases your chances of getting hired, and at a higher salary. Prospective employers are more apt to hire a potential employee who volunteers over one who doesn’t.  


Consider what you like doing, have a passion for, and are good at.

Like books? Volunteer at the library.  
Like people? Try a nursing home or hospital.
Like history? A museum or historical society.
Care about the environment? Like the outdoors?  Pick up litter.
This is a great one for families because of the bonding that happens while they serve.

If you don’t have a lot of time or your not sure of what you want to do, offer your services for a one-time deal. Consider weekly or monthly.

As one person, you might not be able to change the world, but you can brighten your little corner of it and help yourself immensely at the same time.  Just think – by helping your community, you are helping others and your own well-being.  We call that a win-win-win scenario.  Our favorite kind.

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Discover the surprising benefits of volunteering.