The Beginning of our Journey

The Beginning of our Journey

My first experience with energy healing was when I graduated from the Silva Method in the early eighties. It was a profound experience, but I didn’t much use what I learned – too busy living life for that.

Then in 2001 Rick was downsized out of his computer job. I asked him what he wanted to be/do when he grew up and his reply – that what ever it was, he’d like to help people get out of pain.

Within a couple of weeks I came across an advertisement for a Quantum-Touch® Workshop.  In the ad, Richard Gordon claimed that anyone could learn, in one weekend, how to help accelerate healing and alleviate pain.  Money back guaranteed.

Rick went mostly to appease me but also with the intention of getting his money back. He later said, “I didn’t think it would work.  Hands down.”

A few hours after the class started, Richard paired the students up to run energy on each other.  Another gentleman was running energy on Rick’s shoulder which Rick had hurt some thirty years before when he was in the Army.  He lived with the pain. Sometimes it was agonizingly worse, sometimes not as bad, but it was always there. He knew it would be with him forever.

While receiving QT for the first time, Rick suddenly realized the pain was gone. Whoa! That was amazing.

They then switched, and as Rick ran energy into his partner’s hips, they both felt them roll into place. The man breathed a sigh of relief stating, “You have no idea how good that feels.”

Need I say it?  Rick not only didn’t get his money back but went onto become a Certified Practitioner and Instructor.  I was a step behind him.

Over the years, we added other modalities such as EFT and even developed some of our own.  Blending them, we discovered a synergy that was most effective.

The following stories are from our files.  Either the client has given permission to use their name and story, or because we lost touch and couldn’t get permission, the names were changed.

Please check back often.  We will be posting many more stories as the typing bug bites us.