In the spirit of truth and transparency I share the following –

In our lives, Rick and I have failed many times and at many things: relationships, businesses, self-care.

We are works-in-progress.

Along the way we have discovered things that do work. Mostly natural health and healing choices that have helped us to enjoy greater health, deeper joy, balance, peace and energy. And we have experienced many successes.

Our desire is to share those lessons we’ve learned on our path to healing – simple steps that will help you to enhance your body, enrich your mind and empower your spirit . . . to optimize your whole-istic/holistic well being.

Our Mission is to help as many as we can, alleviate pain and suffering and attain a state of wellbeing – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

I need to tell you that although I’m aware of the proper way to write, my intent here is to be more conversational, more informal.

If we were talking over tea in my kitchen, rather than say, “With whom will you and your family be attending the picnic?” I would say, “Who are you guys going to the picnic with?”

See? Very informal.

Rick and I are honored to have you visit. We invite you to explore the site and sincerely hope you find gems of value here. Come back often as it grows and evolves.

We have a rather large “key ring” and plan on providing many more keys.

Love and blessings,