Healing Sessions

Keys For Healing Sessions can provide extremely fast and profound pain relief and accelerated healing for a wide range of conditions – without surgery, drugs or unwanted side effects.

For over twelve years, our customized sessions have helped relieve the pain and discomfort of:  arthritis; burns; scoliosis; headaches; neck, back and hip pain; carpel tunnel; frozen shoulder; muscle strain; chronic pain and so much more.

We create a unique healing session just for you, by blending Quantum-Touch®, EFT and other energy healing methods and techniques that are based on quantum physics.

Often in one session, bones automatically adjust and align, inflammation is reduced and healing is accelerated.  Some clients experience some sort of emotional release, and occasionally the release is dramatic and profound.

Most call the results, “Amazing!”

Join the hundreds who have found relief – reserve your session today.

Comments from a few clients:

~ Lindsey R. (hearing loss) “My hearing for the last two years was to the point where understanding what was said required the person speaking to be where I could see their lips. After two sessions, every word spoken is understood without the person being in the same room. Amazing!

~ Joseph C. (severe back sprain) “I didn’t expect results as spectacular as they were.”

~ Mark R. (broken clavicle) “It feels much better now. The pain and swelling are gone.”

~ Cletus M. (Neck tightness/nerve problems) “Very relaxed. Very effective. There were immediate changes and shifts in body structure.”

~ Kathy G. (Anxiety/shoulder tension) “The experience was not just a physical release but uncovered emotional issues I’ve been avoiding. I have been reconnected on a spiritual level with my inner self. Thank you seems so small, but it’s heartfelt.”

~ Jane O. (Posture/wrist pain) “Much better – thank you!”

~ Richard R. (Lower back pain/foot numbness) “Very relaxing session. A lot of heat – penetrating. I felt a roll in my left hip. Tension release. VERY PROFOUND!”

~ Chris M. (hip pain) “The relief was so fast! Amazing!”

In-Person and Remote Healing Session Fee:

One (1) Hour $60 USD
Half (1/2) Hour $35 USD
House Calls – Add $10