Attracting Blessings

Attracting Blessings

Raise your vibrations and you will attract vibrant health, joy, gratitude, wealth and more wondrous delights into your life.

The key to the Law of Attraction (LOA) is not a secret.

The key is just one of the conditions of the LOA, that doesn’t get enough attention.
This condition, and the reason the Law works, is simply that in order to attract and manifest something, you must vibrate at a frequency equal to that which is desired.



The way you do this is by fully feeling the emotions of satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, gratitude and appreciation for already having that which you desire.


The principles behind this aspect of the LOA are frequency and entrainment. Stay with me here, it’s really very simple.

Science explains that everything (including thought) is energy, always in motion, vibrating.
Frequency is the speed at which something vibrates.
Vibrational frequencies are attracted to their own kind (entrainment). Entrainment is defined in physics as the capacity of one vibrating body to call another into frequency alignment.

Case in point – two tuning forks set to the same note, held by their stems, several feet apart. If you strike one, it will vibrate, and without touching, the other will vibrate also. This is called sympathetic resonance. It is a form of physical entrainment, a scientific fact, not new-age mumbo-jumbo.

You are always vibrating but you must be vibrating at the same frequency as that which you desire to attract, in order for it to be attracted to you and manifest. The frequency of your vibrations drives your ability to manifest your desires.

Send out the vibrations of what you want to feel/be/do/have, and you will actually cause those things you desire to be attracted to you.
Not because you want them, but because you are already vibrating at the experience of them!

We refer to a happy state as being “up” and a depressed state as being “down”.
This is a description of our vibrations – up = high, down = low.

Negative thoughts/feelings, sickness, depression, lack = low/slow vibrations

Positive thoughts/feelings, vibrant health, joy, gratitude = high/fast vibrations

Think of the Universe as a short order cook.
If you were a waitron in a diner, you wouldn’t write an order for what you don’t want. This is what you are doing when you are allowing yourself to feel worry, anger or hurt. It’s what you are focused on and what you will get more of.
If your customer wants eggs, that’s what you would order. But the cook doesn’t have enough information, so you need to be specific. To go into detail. How many eggs? How cooked? How well done? It’s the only way to get what you want.

We place our order to the Universe with every thought we think and every word we speak.
So . . . if you don’t want it, don’t say it! Don’t even think it.

What we experience in life, is a mirror of our predominant self-talk and perception of the world. Our frame of mind.  The frequency of our vibrations!

What do you want to experience more than anything . . . Love? Serenity? Gratitude? Prosperity? Physical wellbeing?
Whatever it is, do this “exercise”, feeling that feeling of already having it. Not the feeling of wanting it, but the feeling of already having it.

For the demonstration, we’ll use “Vibrant Health”. Mentally or out loud, say and feel gratitude for . . .

Vibrant Health before me
Vibrant Health behind me
Vibrant Health to the left of me
Vibrant Health to the right of me
Vibrant Health above me
Vibrant Health below me
Vibrant Health within me
Vibrant Health all around me

I am so healthy. I am so healthy. I am so healthy.
Be grateful and feel appreciation that this is so. Immerse yourself in that appreciation – savor it.

That’s it.
You can do it as many times a day as you’d like. The more the better.
The more you generate and stay in that state of sympathetic resonance, the more you will attract and manifest what you want.
You can do it silently while waiting in line at the grocery store, or aloud while driving or taking a shower.
You can use the same goal, or you can switch it to another to meet your mood or desires.

For additional benefits, you can add writing to the mix. Write down what it would feel like if you were vibrantly healthy. What would you be doing differently? What does that feel like to be able to do all those things? Then read what you wrote.
Immerse yourself in the gratitude and appreciation.

In addition to thinking of and writing about them, action goes a long way to manifesting your goals.
If your goal is to lose twenty pounds, it is obviously counter-productive to continue drinking soda and eating sugar-laden foods.
Make sure your actions are congruent with your desires.

In the event you’d like to sing the exercise, you might enjoy this version* by Karen Drucker – I find it extremely catchy and easier to keep in my mind:

As you recite your words drenched in gratitude for your blessings, your are raising your vibration.
Remember – it is the emotions behind the words that matter.
By immersing yourself in those positive emotions and vibrations you are broadcasting your order to the Universe and attracting those blessings.

* Shared lovingly with Karen’s permission