It might not do anything

It might not do anything

A week after he first took Richard Gordon’s Quantum-Touch® Workshop in 2001, Rick called his dad, Lindsey, for Father’s Day.  Rick could tell something was wrong.  He then spoke with his mom.  Leona shared what she discovered just the day before – that Lindsey had been urinating blood for weeks.  He had lost weight and was weak.  He was in a great deal of pain and he knew he was dying.

He wanted to die at home though, not in a hospital.

The next morning, Rick left for Deming, New Mexico from our home in Colorado Springs, with him, a copy of the book Quantum-Touch – The Power to Heal.  He got there that evening after the usual eight-hour drive.  What was different this trip though was that Rick ran energy on himself on the ride there.  Rather than arriving tired and stiff like he usually would, he felt fresh and energized.

After explaining QT to his folks and having his dad scan the book, Lindsey agreed to let Rick run energy for him.  Rick shared that it might not do anything, but it couldn’t hurt.

Rick ran energy for thirty minutes and then Lindsey asked him to stop.  His dad said that he wasn’t in pain and felt he could sleep, something he hadn’t done in weeks.  “Could we finish this in the morning?”

The next morning, Rick was awakened from a sound sleep by his dad shaking him, “Rick!  Rick!”

“What Dad!  What’s wrong?”

“Not a thing son.  I slept through the night, I have no pain, and I’m not peeing blood any more.”

Rick went on to run energy several more times for his dad over the next few days, even helping Lindsey’s hearing.  But that’s another story.

Lindsey went on to live for almost nine more years, passing in 2010.