Benefits of The Keys


The Keys for Healing can help you invigorate your physical fitness, nurture your spiritual growth, enhance your mental and emotional health and unlock your most magnificent, vibrant well being.

The benefits of the Keys vary for each one, although many of the Keys share comparable rewards.
Take for example, the following Key.  It is FREE.  It has no unpleasant side effects. It isn‘t a pill, prescription or chemical, yet it can:

Improve health
Reduce pain
Lower Blood Pressure
Improve sleep quality
Boost energy
Relax muscle tension
Sharpen mental clarity
Increase motivation
Raise vibration
Improve memory
Decrease irritability
Enhance productivity
Increase blood flow
Lower Stress Hormone Levels
Improve decision-making ability
Relieve fatigue
Decrease anxiety
Increase endorphins
Bolster immune system
Improve mood
Enhance oxygen intake
Relieve stress
Stimulate heart, lungs, muscles
Reduce depression
Improve creativity

This one Key is Laughter.
But similar benefits are experienced from meditating. And hugging. And resting.

You can choose to use these profound Keys for Healing and enhance the quality and length of your life.