Effective Affirmations

Effective Affirmations

Affirmations often don’t work because they are sabotaged by objections.
Many affirmations feel like lies.
Parts of you know this and you can say them for years with no results.

“Thoughts of any kind that get translated into spoken words

with a generous topping of emotion to go with it,

create a very powerful affirmation.” ~ Wes Hopper

What if, instead of a statement that raises objections, you made one that you can agree with?
You can do this by qualifying it with words like:
willing, let, allow, open to, permission.

Here’s what it looks like now:
You affirm – “I am in excellent physical health.”

A little voice says, “Oh yea? Then why do your bones ache when you get out of bed in the morning?” Or, “Sure, that’s why you’re so miserable with allergies?”

Instead, word it like this:
“I allow myself to experience excellent health.” Or, “I give myself permission to experience perfect physical health.” “I am now open to receiving excellent health.”
Feel the difference?
Your mind, your subconscious accepts this as truth.
It is a statement all aspects of your being can accept and embrace.

So, your mission, is to go through your list of affirmations and reword them so each one has the ring of truth.
So that each one feels totally acceptable.

And if you don’t have an affirmation list, a good place to start is by writing categories that are important to you.
They can be any or all of the following:

Physical – – Career – – Mental – – Fun – – Emotional – – Environmental – – Financial – – Social – – Spiritual – – Familial – – Significant Other – – Creativity – – Purpose – – Global

Dream board


Then, think of one or several ideal scenarios in the categories of your choosing and write them down.

It could be like a wish list. It might look like this:


I wish I lived in my own home – in the country.
I wish I didn’t suffer from MS.
I’d like to have twice as much money coming in than I have going out.
I wish I was better at remembering names.
I wish I could make the world a better place by helping more people.
I want to stay at home with my baby and work instead of going out to work.

And turn those into unobjectionable statements, into ones that feel right:

I give myself permission to live in my dream home.
I allow myself to experience great physical health and vitality.
I am ready to enjoy financial wealth.
I am willing to allow myself to remember names.
I am happy to offer my services to others.
I am open to the right stay-at-home job.

Keep rewording them until they are 100% acceptable and comfortable.

“I am thrilled to think about allowing myself to enjoy perfect health.”

Now, when you read your list of affirmations (at least once in the morning and then before you go to bed, but the more frequently the better) take a few moments with each one and savor how it would feel if it were already accomplished.

Feel thrilled. Feel the excitement of doing, being, having each things on your list. Wallow in the satisfaction of them already real.
Give thanks for the ability to feel those feelings of love, health, joy, security, comfort . . . of total well-being.

As you breathe in that satisfaction, and breathe out that gratitude, THOSE are the sensations that create the vibrations that will attract those conditions into your life.

* Do your affirmations on a daily basis, even at the same time if you can.
* Phrase them in a believable manner.
* Transfer powerful positive emotion to the process.

And an important Key to actualizing your goals is to take action.
You greatly multiply your chances of success for realizing your dreams by actually taking action on what you want to attract.

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