Ebola’s Silver Lining

Ebola’s Silver Lining

There is a simple solution for the Ebola epidemic.
A solution that has been researched, tested and scientifically proven safe and effective . . .

Colloidal or nano silver.

Those who refer to nano silver as an experimental drug, don’t have their facts straight:

1) Silver is not a drug, it is a mineral nutrient in the human body, just like iron and calcium.
2) Silver is not experimental. Empirical evidence goes back throughout history. For modern medical research, see a few of the references at the end of this blog.

Silver has its role in the body and without enough, there are consequences.

Silver, like iron, has the capacity to absorb and transport oxygen. This fact allows silver to aid and support several oxygen dependent functions in the body.

The silver content in the foods we eat went from 50-100 mcg daily in 1940 to almost non-existent today.

Deficiency in silver impairs our immune system. More than just killing disease-causing organisms, silver also stimulates immune response in humans, is responsible for major growth stimulation of injured tissues, and is a catalyst for the creation of healthy, new cells.

Also, the synergistic activity of silver nano particles in combination with other compounds, show that antibacterial agents can be more powerful in combination than the sum of their individual effects. This highlights the advantages of using nano-silver as an adjuvant in treating infections.

Why is this information being suppressed?

Follow the money. Fear-mongering is a lucrative business, as is the unnecessary extended treatment of great numbers of patients.

If this information is made common knowledge, the medical establishment stands to lose massive amounts of income. Because we are not just speaking of the Ebora virus alone:

People will learn that silver is equally effective against tetanus, diphtheria, malaria, cholera, MRSA, (which now kills more Americans each year than the combined total of emphysema, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, and homicide), the Avian Influenza (bird flu) and flus of all types, Human Corona virus (SARS), etc.
Ergo, the silver lining.

Nano Silver is available, legal, safe, non-toxic and long-lasting with a documented shelf life of many years. It is inexpensive and requires no special precautions other than following the instructions from a reputable manufacturer. 

You will read elsewhere that silver is toxic and causes argyria. Again, this is misinformation based on silver solutions prepared from silver salts (making the particles too large and not bioavailable), and WAY too high a dosage, not the nano silver we are discussing.  It is imperative that the nano particles average 25nm or less.

Since there are health risks involved if you select the wrong formula, it is recommended you use colloidal/nano silver only under the guidance and supervision of a qualified alternative health practitioner, who can help you select a high-quality product.

For more information, or to order from our silver source, read our Key for Healing The Power of Silver”.

Oxidative Therapies.

These include:
Ozone, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT). Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVBI) and hydrogen peroxide.

They are a unique form of therapy that both heals and detoxifies at the same time.

For instance, ozone’s action, works both indirectly and directly.  It’s directly toxic to the virus while being harmless to your body’s own cells, and also indirectly enhances your immune system function.
It can be given intravenously, to prevent and treat, for about $10 a patient.
Ozone therapy is also very beneficial for heart disease, immune diseases, injuries, and chronic degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.


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