Story of Lyme Disease

Story of Lyme Disease

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November 14, 2013

At the first part of the summer I was blessed with Lyme disease.

I had soooo many challenges – my knees swelled horribly, especially my right one.  My legs actually froze in a slightly bent position and I was unable to straighten them, or even put any pressure on the legs.  Pain!  I was in a wheelchair for almost four months.  I had a stabbing pain in my back.  I was sleepless night after night after night.

The bullseye target rash (Erythema Chronicum Migrans) vivid though it was, was not painful but maybe applying essential oils that were antimicrobial, anti viral, anti fungal (etc) as soon as I saw it, might have kept it from enlarging further than it did.
I was exhausted.  All the time.  And my tummy was queasy.  And I had floaters (weird.)  I have long hair and I was appalled by how much was coming out – every day, day after day.

My muscles felt as if I had way over-done some horrendous heavy weight training at the gym the previous day, so very, very sore.  Some joints screamed at me while others simply Ached.  The worst was my right knee, followed by my left knee and right shoulder (which was injured a year ago and then was “frozen” for 6 months and wasn’t 100% completely healed).  I’m not a “weepy woman” but I often cried from the pain which was unbearable.

Now here’s the thing about Lyme – if it isn’t diagnosed right away antibiotics not only don’t help, they will actually worsen the condition.  The bacteria “hide” in organs and muscles and protect themselves with a biofilm which antibiotics in fact, strengthen.

My solution?

The first thing I did was to fast.  I stopped eating. I drank pure water for several days.  This was important for a number of reasons . Over 35% of your energy is expended digesting and assimilating your food.  By resting the digestive system, your energy can be used for fighting infection, healing, and repairing cells.  It is also the best and easiest way to begin any kind of detox program.

A few days into this fast I introduced veggie and fruit smoothies and clear broths and toward the end of three weeks, a few vegetables.

To this day I have minimized white processed sugar and flour.  I use very little honey, pure maple syrup, or processed food.  I substituted regular table salt with Himilayan crystal salt.  And as much as possible is organic, non-GMO.  The little meat we have is grass fed and organic.  Extremely little fish and a little organic free-range  chicken.
I’m shooting for 51% or more raw.  And 80% alkaline to 20% acidic.  So many things are highly acid-forming . . . the worst being sugars and red meats.  And if the body is kept at the proper pH which is slightly alkaline (7.35-7.45 blood pH) you can’t get sick.

Oh before I go on, I’d like to mention that Rick was with me every step of the way.  The MRSA that he had picked up in the hospital when he had the first of his five operations last year resurfaced and a small section at the site that received his tissue graft was open and weeping.  Nothing seemed to stop it. Heal it.  Not even months of specific intravenous antibiotics, the newest, strongest, best available, which he finished taking in January.  Oh, it went dormant for six months to revisit in June.  But I don’t think the bacteria was ever gone. Until …

Our “program”:

So – fasting and then a liquid diet for almost a month.  Liquids are much easier to digest and the nutrients are more readily absorbed.

During that time we used certain oils and solutions topically – Oil of oregano, Thieves, Melrose, ionic silver, witch hazel, hypochlorous acid, MMS . . .

We did full body cleanses including blood, lymphatic, cardiovascular, liver, gallbladder, spleen, lungs, kidneys, bladder, adrenals, colon and digestive tracts, by Dherbs, Colinix and others.

We did a LOT of supplementing. Pre and probiotics, enzymes, tumeric, oil of oregano, pH Protector Drops, ACD drops, all kinds of vitamins, herbs and minerals (heavy on the C and D3) Inner Defense, Bioplasma cell salts, homeopathics, ionic silver, Nixall, Fulvia, MMS, Kumbucha, E7, Zeolite, Pascalite and other clays, activated charcoal (long list – goes on) …

Tons of pure spring water. Flushing toxins and dead bacteria.

Even though I wasn’t sleeping well, I got plenty of bed and recliner rest. Often it was easier to catch some zzzzzzs in the recliner since the bed didn’t offer any way to get comfortable. It just hurt too much in any position.

I couldn’t go anywhere for over two months.  We don’t have a car – we have a van. And there was no way to get up into it hopping on one leg!  I did, however go outside as frequently as I was able to.  Fresh air and sunshine.  Yum.

I also used a Zero Point Nano Wand, Chi Mackine, Rebounder (if even sitting on my butt) Accupuncture Laser , TENS unit, and a Terminator Zapper. I wore the Zapper 24/7 for a month and then lessened the duration.

If I had one, or had access to one, I would be using an EMF-free sauna on a daily basis.

Then there was the mental, emotional and spiritual “work”. Meditating, praying, visualizing, journaling and lots and lots of gratitude.
And the energy work – Quantum-Touch® (receiving AND giving) , EFT, Silva, Emotion Code, Body Code, Rudy Hunter (again, long list).

I would say I’m over 95% symptom-free and I am walking without crutches anymore. 😀
The lesion on Rick’s ankle healed up nicely and remains that way.  He’s actually walking about more and more with just one crutch.
Of course time will tell if we stay healthy.  We’ll see, but I know.

Lyme Disease is the fastest growing epidemic in the world.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) that is commonly contracted from a deer tick bite. Adult deer ticks are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence!
Deer ticks are not the only species of tick that carry Lyme disease. Lyme ticks are carried by over 300 different species of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles. However, transmission of the disease has been clearly documented after bites by fleas, mites and mosquitoes.

Lyme Disease is a major problem all over and cases have been documented in just about every part of the world . . . Lyme Disease knows no borders. It knows no nationalities, no races, and no political systems. As a virulent bacterial infection, Lyme Disease simply spreads, and spreads, and spreads, and, if something isn’t done, the worldwide cases of Lyme Disease will continue to rapidly increase.

LD is often referred to as “The Great Imitator”, as it can virtually imitate any symptom of any disease.
Lyme disease has been frequently misdiagnosed, especially in absence of the rash, as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gerig‘s Disease), Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others.
LD is thought to be a contributing factor in 50 % of patients who have chronic illness.

I have no doubt I got Lyme disease in the old-fashioned way. The pictures at the beginning of this post are of the view out of my home office window. And to think I used to “Oo and Ah” and think it was so cute when I saw the deer in the yard all the time.

Oh, and since Rick was unable to, I was the one in my shorts out there mowing the grass.
I was bitten behind my left knee.

Blessings, love and hugs,

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  1. Dennis McMillan says:

    Wow, Amazing story! You guys will be in my prayers for sure! The nature that God gives us along with prayer is a very powerful healer!

    Keep on moving forward! Very inspirational!

    God bless,


  2. Christina says:

    Thank you Dennis.
    Your comments, sentiments and prayers are so very welcome.