Why This Blog?

Why this blog?

When I was about five years old, I wrote my first piece – it was a parody of “A visit from St. Nick”.  Yea, you know the one, it starts out “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,”

My poem was called “The North Pole Mole Hole” and began, “Twas the night before Christmas, near the North Pole.  Not a creature was stirring, not even a mole.”

The rest is lost to the ages since no copy exists and that’s all I remember.

That’s all I remember about the poem, but not about what resulted from it.

Here I have to take you back to my childhood, visiting my grandparents in Brooklyn, NY. In those days, after dinner, it was common to retire to the parlor where the children would entertain the adults with songs and recitals.  And maybe Uncle John would play an Irish ballad on the piano and regale us with his beautiful tenor.

Mom was so impressed with my poem that when the grandparents and a few aunts and uncles came to visit us, she had me recite it!  She was so proud of me.

Twenty five or thirty years later, when Dad had read some of my grown-up poems, he told me that until then, he hadn’t realized I was that “deep”.  He too was impressed and proud of me.

I didn’t know as a child, what I wanted to be when I grew up.  What I did know from a very early age, was that one hundred years after I was dead, I would be remembered for my writings.

How could I not write a blog?

Most of my writings for the first three decades, were meant to stir in the reader, a feeling of familiarity, about a common thread, something we shared. So that their reaction would be, “Wow. I know just what she means. I’ve been there.”

It wasn’t until the last three decades that I had a desire to help my readers by sharing insights to make our journey better, healthier, easier, more joyful.

Some of the messages will be to help open eyes, suggest, share, or guide, and some will be for pure enjoyment – to simply entertain.

I hope you come back often (as you would to an old-fashioned smorgasbord) to sample what flavors and varieties are offered.
Love and blessings,

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